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                   Mirabai Cardullo                            

Soul Centered Healing and Intuition

Faith...and a fun play

Faith... all the ways our helpers and guides are working for us, always...kinda loved this play that took place today...

I got a text message from my nephew's wife..she said my nephew lost his cell phone yesterday in a new city/ I was drinking my celery juice and chanting (which I do) gotta hit to text his phone and ask "whoever found this phone please contact me so I can return this to my nephew".

Anyway, 6 hours later I get a text saying my name is X and I would like to return this phone. I text my nephews wife and say call me ASAP I found your phone, lol...(I'm in FL and they're in MO) my nephew calls me kinda shocked, like Wha??? Anyway, he met up with the guy, got his phone and made a new connection as they had something prominent in their lives in common.

Love it when those things unfold so beautifully, seamlessly and surprisingly....not everything is seen or shows up right away though, clearly...Faith is so so important to hold onto. Prayer, meditation, eating foods infused with God's healing energy (with gratitude) are some critical 'anchors', at least for this one, in order to move forward 'with' Faith/Trust and enthusiasm (or rather being filled with God)...

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