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                   Mirabai Cardullo                            

Soul Centered Healing and Intuition

Anchors of light

Anchors...those little things that tether you to your own light, your soul, the truth of your being. What's one anchor you have that you can count on to bring you back to the present moment, back to your heart.

One of mine is connecting with a meditation center in town that I go to each week. We chant and meditate and offer our love in the form of service and remember.

When we connect, in a group, however small, with like minded folks, something magical happens...remembrance, lightness of Spirit and a cleansing of the soul. I'm always intrigued by the awareness that comes, the way it points me back to myself and the contemplation it can stir for self reflection. It's full-filling, it's spiritual practice.

And, yet..there are so many 'anchors' each moment we all have the opportunity to anchor, reconnect and remember.

There's breath. There's listening. There's prayer. There's nature. There's soul healing meditations. There's writing. There's reading. There's laughter. There's tears. There's friend'ships'. There's pets. There's cuddles. There's the sun. There's the moon. There's a flower. There's a mantra. There's a songbird. There's a celery juice. There's an apple. There's a simple herb. There's a glint in the eye. There's a smile. And, there's a rainbow.

We have so many opportunities, every moment, to discover and rediscover the gifts, treasures and heart of our heart. We're blessed, beyond measure.

Just look at all the ways you actively engage with and nurture your heart, spirit and soul...then, thank yourself <3

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