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Soul Centered Intuitive Energy Healing Services

Soul Centered Coaching 


These sessions provide a safe space for you to express and release undo stress and pressure that accumulates when we feel unable to heal and move forward.  Intuition, Compassion and skilled guidance. 

Emotional Clearing


These sessions are designed primarily for emotional clearing and release work. Being overburdened with negative emotions is often an underlying and/or contributing factor in illness, crisis or stressors of any kind. This creates an energetic dissonance that blocks emotional health and well-being. It's vitally important to cleanse and clear these interferences, and restore balance and harmony to mind, body, and soul. These sessions may include a combination of alchemical hypnotherapy, inner journey work, energy healing, coaching, creative visualization and EFT/tapping. 



Spiritual and Energy Healing


Energy work may be used to identify and clear obstructions in the body field. Utilizing vibrational healing and intuitive energy work we'll naturally and easily lift and clear obstructions to promote self healing. Benefits may include calming, deep relaxation, balancing energies in the body, relief from pain, discomfort and suffering, lifting of spirit, personal awareness and enhanced spiritual connection. 

High resonance healing words emanating from hand

Guided Imagery


Relaxation is vitally important for overall health and well-being.  It is foundational. In order for the mind/body to move into a healing phase, relaxation must be present. Imagery is a gentle, safe, and effective way to promote healing and activate one's own inner calm for body, mind, and soul.  

Peaceful water drop on a green leaf
Boy's silhouette against the sunset

Inner Healer


This combines body talk and inner child work. By tapping into the blocked energies in our bodies and subsequently exchanging dialogue with that specific frequency, we can access memories associated with current imbalances, as well as pinpoint specific events and the underlying root cause that are contributing to one's pain and reestablish new life giving thoughts, feelings and images moving forward. These sessions work with inner guides/guidance for healing and energy clearing techniques. 

Close-up adult hand holding a child's hand, nature and sunset in background

Medical Medium ~ Supporting Foods


This is to help you identify simple, natural, healthy food choices in Mother Nature's garden.  As you incorporate more specific health-full choices and delicious alternatives, recommended by Medical Medium, the bodies own inherent wisdom and healing power is activated. Your body, mind, and soul will respond in kind. This may be discussed in a coaching session with simple questions and fresh ideas to support you and your favored food plan.  

Grief Support

If you've experienced a major loss, family, friend or a precious pet, these sessions combine grief support, gently held compassionate listening, and energy healing.  We may include EFT / Tapping or guided visualization and depending on where you are in your process, soul communication with hypnotherapy/journey work.  The need for grief support can show up in many ways which may include the loss or ongoing care of a loved one, loss of health, physical mobility, financial or job loss, divorce, and more. 



Fees  $150 per hour

Package rates  4 session pkg.  $550

                              8 session pkg. $1,050

                             10session pkg. $1,200

*If you decide you would like to purchase a package at the end of your first session, that session may be applied to the package for reduced cost

*If fees are outside your ability to pay and you would really like to work together, please contact me to discuss sliding scale options

   Calls available inside the US, Skype or Zoom outside 


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