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Soul Centered


Intuitive Energy Healing

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Soul Centered Coaching is an invitation to deep inner healing and to do the foundational work necessary to nourish, strengthen, and heal the mind/body, heart, spirit and soul.  Soul centered coaching guides the healing process by providing a intuitive guide, compassionate emotional health coach and energy healer. 

Our Soul is our essence, the deepest part of who we are and our true self. Soul Centered Coaching is compassionate guidance towards your own essence and teaches us to live with that essence as our guiding light.


Working with a combination of intuitive energy healing modalities, we will identify the things that have kept you stuck and journey inward toward the source of light that can heal, uplift, and inspire you to live an empowered and meaningful life.


Whenever we're overburdened or stagnant on any level of being, we become unable to truly move forward in our lives.  Applying Medical Medium tools for health along with energy healing techniques and coaching provides a foundation for healing. Whatever you are currently going through, there is always hope. There is a magical blend of rich fertile soil, just beneath the surface of decay, that will nourish, heal, and propel you in living the highest quality of life you are capable of.

With awareness and a partnership between coach and client, Mirabai's soul centered coaching and intuitive energy healing services help you to restore, rebalance and renew your foundation on every level of being.  This is a holistic approach to greater health, purpose, peace, and joy.  

Mirabai's intuitive healing and coaching provides a witness who deeply understands, someone you can fully express yourself with. Feeling seen and heard renews energy. It is critical and life giving to have support on our journey when the going gets tough.  Someone we trust, who can gently guide us back to remembrance with daily small steps, healthful choices and conscious decisions, can be instrumental to our healing process.   


As the light of awareness is brought to bear, layers of conditioning and old thought, patterns, and beliefs that have kept us from accessing and acting upon our own innate inner guidance and wisdom can be seen and transformed.  What remains is the core of our work: greater self-love, self-compassion, and self-respect.  From this space, whole health and abundant living are accessed.  


With inspired vision, one's quality of life, health, career and relationships can improve immeasurably and often miraculously.


Our journey together is to nurture and unfold that unique and special gem inside of you, so you can truly live the quality of life of your dreams.










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"Where there is ruin, there is hope for a treasure" ~ Rumi

“There is nothing in this world that hasn’t nourished our growth in one way or another” ~Amma

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