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"Mirabai is awesome and I would recommend her to anyone interested in exploring their capacity to expand awareness and tap healing potential."

                                                                       Newspaper Editor,

                                                                             Gainesville,  FL

"Working with Mirabai was a profound experience.  With her guidance and intuition, we delved right into my core issues that I've avoided for many years.  Whether in a one-on-one session or in a group setting, Mirabai made me feel safe and supported.  I started noticing the results immediately and they were nothing short of a miracle!  Positive transformation was taking place in the area of my life that I felt absolutely hopeless about before I started working with her.  Thank you Mirabai for helping me to embark on a wonderful journey to discovering my peaceful power." 

                                                              Non-Profit Administrator

                                                                               Gainesville,  FL

"Mirabai has been one of my greatest blessings on my healing journey. I truly believe that we are guided to the perfect people in our lives to help us when we search for them. When I found Mirabai on Medical Medium’s Healing Ambassadors page, I felt called to her right away. I had been physically healing my body for a couple of years but still was very sick and had a traumatized and pessimistic view of the world. I was lost and out of touch with my intuition. For the first time in my life, Mirabai was able to show me through a guided meditation what my intuition was, and how to distinguish it from the noise of the world.

Recognizing my intuition was the most peaceful and healing blessing I could have ever gotten. It has allowed me to move forward building a life that is truly guided by Spirit and my soul, which i’m still practicing everyday! Every time we work together, I am astounded at her ability to take me on magical guided mediations to my past, future, or some version of heaven. That is where I remember what it feels like to be at peace and healthy. She has helped to restore my faith that a good life does indeed exist for me. There are so many valuable healing tools she has given me, the greatest of which has been Compassion. Thank you Mirabai for bringing light out of the darkness, I am starting to feel complete."


Hillary Allen


"Working with Mirabai feels like connecting with a treasured long-lost friend. She is a warm-hearted and deeply compassionate spirit, whose ability to intuit and hold presence, is matched by her skillful and effective approach. I know her to be deeply passionate and committed to supporting and assisting others to heal and move forward."

                                        Holistic Wellness Counseling

                                                    Carol Ritchie


Mirabai is a powerful emotional healer. She has helped me with resolving a lot of my childhood trauma, past life issues that were affecting my present life and more.  I wouldn’t be able to tackle those on my own. I needed help and she was there for me. On our very first session Mirabai helped me balance myself, instantaneously eliminate the block that was bothering me for years that I couldn’t take care of with any of the numerous techniques that I tried. Mirabai holds a lot of healing light. She helped me to become truly grounded and centered. ( we are talking a totally different level of peace and calm here )Thanks to her I discovered and accessed pieces of myself that I forgot existed. I’ve gained clarity and also this precious peace within me that I was yearning for without even realizing it.

Thank you so much dear Mirabai for your support and all the magical beautiful healing you have done for me. Thank you for helping me get to where I am today.

                                                                         Natalia Strukava

                                                                         Psychic Medium


“Mirabai is a natural healer and intuitive.  Through her skilled guidance I released old outdated energy patterns held in the body/mind, and gained awareness of what I need for a higher level of health and well-being."

                                   Health Educator & Acupressure Instructor

                                                                             Berkeley, CA

"Mirabai basically conducts a mind "by-pass", in that no time is wasted on intellectual constructs or therapeutic chatter.  She creates a highly supportive space and goes straight to issues of the heart, where prior approaches had no access.  It is truly healing."                 

                                                                Senate Representative

                                                                     Sacramento, CA

“Working with Mirabai I uncovered some deep emotional grief from many years ago that unbeknownst to me was affecting my every day life and health. I used to walk around with a deep dark hole in my soul, a deep sadness, which through her guided journey work and energy work was released. I now have a clearer outlook and sense of well-being that I have not experienced before. Through her help, education, and guidance I now have a sense of well-being and truth. My decisions are clear and my mood is definitely lighter. She has also helped me to see that my mind and body and soul are of one being and that one truly wants to help the other. Now that I allow that my healing is on a steady path to wholeness and wellness. Thank you Mirabai!"

                               Linda B. Realtor 

                     Gainesville, FL


"I am honored and grateful to have Mirabai as a loving, attuned guide on my healing path. She wields the tools of the most skillful therapeutic coaches and the embodied presence of a true healer. I'm consistently awed by her ability to select the right approaches for any given moment. It's this grounded intuition that makes Mirabai so rare. My trust in her capacity has allowed me to explore previously forgotten places within, spark transformation, experience rich emotion, and develop trust in my Self. She is truly gifted."

  Educator/Mental Health Clinician/Community Social worker


"There are times when our lives get off track.  Mine had derailed over the last few years.  Job change, relationship change and then an ailment that put me on my back for 8 months, severely challenged my normal positive optimistic attitude toward life.  After utilizing the normal support systems, I admitted that something was still missing.  That is when I found Mirabai. After a few sessions with Mirabai my health and attitude were definitely on the mend.  She was able to help me release some deep rooted pain and ill-founded beliefs that had plagued me for years.  I appreciated her professionalism, wisdom and spiritual gifts.  I am very grateful that I took the step to call her, and then to meet her."

                                                                          Private Investor

                                                                          Gainesville, FL

Mirabai has been instrumental in leading me through many stages of my life.  Her gentle guidance has yielded powerful results of positive change including self confidence, clearer life direction, and healthy relationships.

From helping me navigate college, an intense breakup, to flourishing in the world post-college, she has really been a powerful tool I am grateful to have.

Mirabai helps guide me to my souls true purpose, weaving out anything that no longer serves me.  Each session is constructive and powerful,  always leaving me feeling energized to take the next step towards my destiny.

I love Mirabai with all my heart, and know she can transform anyones life her compassion and powerful guidance.

                                                       Christiana Ritchie/Raw Chewy

                                                            Emotional Health Coach


"Mirabai, I just wanted to tell you I got more out of our sessions than I ever expected.  My experiences with you have deepened my relationships with my mother, one of my sons and my husband.  I have been introduced to new, very powerful and potent spirit guides.  I have improved in my physical health, feel a heightened sense of happiness, and progressed on the healing process of grief over my best friend’s death.  Most dramatically I now carry a more clear sense of my next step on my spiritual path and feel more powerfully able to implement that than ever before.  Thank you very much."


                                                      Melrose, FL



"Mirabai offered me in a very safe and spiritual realm a wonderful experience.  Because of her thoughtful and understanding guidance I was able to discover a truth about myself I never expected.  Through Mirabai's awareness of the depth of the process she led me through it in a very loving, soothing and professional way."

                      Hypnotherapist & MetaphysicalTeacher

                                                North Palm Beach,  FL

"Mirabai is very intuitive, sensitive and caring.  High quality spiritual work which has led to immense changes in my body and mind.  A lifting of spirits, release of emotional burdens and a clarity of & confidence emerging from a clearing of some long and holding onto perceptions and decisions.  It's very gentle yet profound.  It seems slow yet quick.  I am very grateful and thankful she has been placed on my pathway."

                             Emergency Room Technician

                                                    Gainesville, FL


"A lot of other things have been clearing and clearing since our work together.  Thank you so much for your help.  Working with you has been a Godsend!"

              Emergency Room Nurse & Acupuncturist

                                                       Gainesville, FL

"Working with Mirabai is like sitting in front of a warm fire while there is a windy, cold storm brewing outside.  Like a warm blanket wrapped around you on a chilly day. Mirabai has a special gift for holding space for you exactly where you are.  She listens completely and with her heart.  Just when you think there is nothing else that you can learn about yourself, she opens unseen doorways into profound understandings and new truths.  It has been a true blessing working with her!"

Brookeville, MD

"Thank you so much Mirabai for the energy work you did on me.  It felt like I was gently being re-calibrated and my cells and energy fields were harmonized and it both energized and calmed me greatly." 

Nurse, Massage therapist and Reiki Master 

Gainesville,  FL

"Mirabai, I am so grateful for your work.  Your guidance and direction have had a profound impact in my life.  I would not be where I am without your council.  Your calm and steady teaching have enabled me to bloom into my life in ways I never thought possible.  I am finally, finally healing into a way of living that enables me to be all of who I am.  

I am stronger, more vibrant, more me than I have ever been before.  I am working into my depth and aliveness.  The transformation is subtle and deep, something like swimming a river thinking you will tire and falter before ever reaching the shore and then finding ground.  You are earth under my feet.

                                                                               Ann Geddes


"Mirabai has such a clear, compassionate presence.  She helped me reconnect with places inside of me and create new spaces, like gifts, that support me in my health and business."

                  Spa Owner and Certified Hypnotherapist

                                                                   Tampa, FL

"I have delighted in some of the healing "places" I have "been to" while working with Mirabai - and then - to hold these healing places in my mind and body for future strength and vision is priceless.  Wisdom, clarity, healing, movement, productivity, happiness, peace and dreams/wishes.  Just some of the things returned to me after working with Mirabai.  Thank you Mirabai!"

                                  Emergency Room Administrator

                                                          Gainesville,  FL

"Mirabai is an exceptional healer and facilitator. She has been instrumental in helping me to address some personal issues that have prevented me from evolving into the healer that I am today. She is very skilled and her intuitions are always right on the mark.  For years I had been experiencing emotional and physical pain to the point that they were disabling and I was unable to work in my chosen field of massage therapy and as a self-care instructor. I am now able to work with clients and teach a wonderful self-care program called Bones for Life that de-programs painful patterns of posture and movement and also promotes bone building strength.If ever I should need this kind of work again I know who to go to, knowing that she provides a safe and sacred space for healing to occur at its own space and time. My work with her has allowed me to feel empowered and I have gained many insights.  Thank you Mirabai for all you do!"  

                                         Bones for Life Instructor

                                               St. Augustine, FL

"It is with great pleasure I write about an amazing beacon of light that I have laughed with, healed with, shared with, and enjoyed the powerful presence of for the last 30 years.  What I find remarkable about Mirabai is her ability to penetrate the deepest sorrow, the greatest joy, and the clarity that she provides you.  As she is one of the few that can put aside her mind and join you on your journey to wholeness, like nobody I've ever known. Her eyes are like green laser jets that match her powerful desire to provide wellness, clarity and hope, in the darkest part of our journey here, whether it be emotional, physical, mental or spiritual.  She goes fearlessly into it with you, utilizing all that she is to do so.  She is skilled at rising like a phoenix to empower you.  She lifts you in a way that changes you forever, and in the place of fear you now know the compassion of love.  She can focus her entire self on you, looking from the inside out, rather than superimposing her beliefs to help you.  We could call her a psychic surgeon due to her preciseness in aiding you on your journey,  I trust her with my life and there are very few I would say that about."      

                                                                                      Jan Venturini

                                                                Life Coach/Psychic/Healer

"Mirabai has helped me a great deal.  The guided meditation and energy work she did with me helped me get through an extremely difficult time in my life.  With her support and guidance I was able to reconnect to an important aspect (the spiritual) of myself which had been missing for a long time.  It is reassuring to find someone who can truly help the soul when it is lost and needs help to find its way."

                                                   Non Profit Director

                                                         Micanopy,  FL

"Because Mirabai continues her own path of work I feel it makes her non-judgmental, intuitive and compassionate.  Her work is very powerful."

                                             Hospital Administrator

                                                         Gainesville, FL

"Mirabai is one of the most in depth, insightful and clear minded people I have ever met. Her personal wisdom comes from not only her life experiences but from a heart that will only allow truth to be said. She is fearless in seeking out the roots of inner turmoil that can only result in the healing of spirit.  Mirabai is intuitive, and sees way beyond and in between the surface of any issue. For me, it has been a privilege to know her but to be in the presence of someone who is so committed to their own growth is one who is compassionate, vulnerable and who shares her process is one who has something to give. In working with Mirabai I have received, I consider Mirabai to be one of the best practitioners of mind/body/energy/spirit healing I have ever invested in. I would not hesitate in recommending her."

 Multi Cancer Survivor/Owner UpThinkArt

       Gainesville, FL


"We're all just walking each other home" ~Ram Dass

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