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                   Mirabai Cardullo                            

Soul Centered Healing and Intuition

Intuition is lighting the way

Listening to, trusting and acting upon our own innate inner guidance, or intuition, can be a scary proposition if we’ve been living our lives out of integrity and alignment with our truth. We know, we always know. It may be shaded by the myriad of ways we escape into oblivion via food, alcohol, drugs, sex, television, shopping, internet and cell phones or by overreacting out of fear, anger, jealousy or the state of our health and how we’ve treated and cared for our body, mind and soul.

We’re so bombarded with outside stimulants and easily accessible distractions how can one possibly sift through the dust? It’s often a real and profound quandary. And yet, it can be done - one moment at a time. We can slow down our urge to react with pause; pause to reflect on our next move or project; meditate to remember and get back in touch with the source of all life, the divine energy.

One of the ways to keep in touch with ourselves and our guidance is to reflect at the end of each day. We can write down in a journal where we saw or felt we didn’t listen, trust or act on guidance and where we did, and the consequence or outflow of each of those things. Another simple, yet profound way is to have a dialogue with our inner child. We can talk with a teddy bear (as a surrogate for our inner child) or just imagine we’re speaking to the innocent child within and ask him or her what they’d like to share, how they are feeling and what we can do to help them. It’s an ongoing relationship and commitment to ourselves, our truth.

Another powerful way to explore our soul’s guidance or intuition is through dreams. Even if we can’t remember our dreams, we always have access. It’s a matter of bringing more awareness and intention to it. One way is to sit quietly, even for five or ten minutes prior to bedtime. Go within, breathe, be still-meditate. Then we can get into bed with more awareness and allow that energy to illumine our dreamtime. It can be extremely powerful to write even a few words during the night if we wake up to jog our memory in the morning and capture the essence and intuitive message of the dream.

On a daily basis, in each moment, we all have a choice. We can always honor our intuition and connection with source. We may feel an uncomfortable and even stifling situation in our lives for example, as someone’s fault outside of us and our control; yet we always have a choice and ongoing help. We must pause, be still, stop struggling or fighting (with ourselves) to get answers or guidance. Ask, be open, trust, receive and follow.

It’s not about blaming or shaming ourselves for our choices. We’ve all been through a lot of experiences in our lives-traumas, joys, triumphs, defeats and more. We will all eventually leave these bodies behind, having done our best and continue on our journeys. Yet something profoundly present and alive is always beckoning us now, to live our lives to the fullest, with greater awareness, joy, purpose and meaning. Our intuition is a loving and compassionate friend, a helper of the highest order and a record keeper of our lives. There’s no escaping it, for it is our own true Self calling us home.

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