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                   Mirabai Cardullo                            

Soul Centered Healing and Intuition

Intuitive Dreaming

What do I mean by intuitive dreaming? I’m not talking necessarily about predictive dreams; although, I’ll be writing more on that in another blog. What I’m referring to here is the way in which we process and understand our dreams.

I know some of you are saying, “I don’t dream or I don’t even remember my dreams or my dreams are just strange”. This is a common response. There are others who have dreams they recall, yet they never really take the time to investigate. Other than remembering and saying they had a dream, all exploration stops there.

In either of these cases, it really doesn’t take much time, to spur on your creative juices and dialogue with your dreams; bringing in greater awareness and intuition, with dreamtime as your muse.

I will write further in another blog on why this has become critically important for me personally, to heed the messages in dreamtime. As well as some big ‘wake up’ calls I’ve received.

The value and insights received from dreamtime, not only inspired me, it’s deepened my commitment to trusting and following this soul wisdom, with gentleness, and enhanced my respect for this invaluable resource we all share, our innate inner guidance, and dreams.

There’s so many facets of dreams I’d like to cover e.g. Lucid Dreams, Prophetic or Psychic Dreams, Intuitive Dreams and the Personal Mythology of Dreams.

For now, we’ll keep it simple. This example is one element of a dream I had early in 2014. It illustrates why, I feel, it’s important to take stock of our dream life. Write it down. Contemplate it and allow the insights gleaned to guide you on your path.

Dream and the message received through intuition and automatic writing:

There were many layers in this dream, but this segment, in the end, is what I kept coming back to the next day …It was an image of a hill I went down and me at the bottom, staring at it, wondering how I’d ever get back up and then turning my gaze right and seeing a wooded, mysterious and unknown path to the side of me…that is where it ended.

At that time in my life, I’d just begun walking very little, after an extended period of illness and injuries left me unable. There was considerable frustration on my part, at the pace in which I was healing. I couldn’t have walked that hill. So the image itself was apropos to what was taking place in my current reality.

Yet there was a deeper meaning to the dream, as there was to the delays/pace in my healing. Had I not contemplated, it could have gone uninvestigated, and the gift unopened. Yet the images were extraordinarily vivid and wouldn’t let me just sit with, I had to know more.

The message received after automatic writing was: “You may be staring at the hill before you and wonder how you’ll ever climb to the top. That may not even be your hill to climb anymore, it may just be the outdated past. Right before you is the untraveled path, forge ahead”.

This is the information that came after writing, and left an indelible imprint. This dream, its images and my intuitive understanding of it, had significant positive meaning for me and illustrates how we often miss the golden nugget(s) that are there for us, guiding and encouraging us on our highest path.

Revisiting this dream now, isn’t a coincidence. Perhaps the message strikes a chord for some of you.

Here’s a simple, easy method, to bring more awareness to dreamtime.

The #1 tool that really helps me recall dreams is meditation, before going to bed.

Simple, quiet time, sitting and turning inward. Taking that time, whatever you can do, and then slipping into bed for sleep is so helpful. You’re bringing with you higher awareness and opening the channels for your dreamtime magic.

#2 Keep a journal and pen next to your bed. You may want a little flashlight or lamp. *For those of you who speak into digital recorders, you can do that as well.

#3 If you wake up during the night at any time and recall even a small piece of the dream, jot it down immediately. I know, you’d rather sleep! You will and you won’t regret getting those bits down, guaranteed. The longer you wait, the higher likelihood of it fading and harder to recall. Just write down a word, sentence or phrase. You can get back to it later and fill in with your focused attention.

#4 Find a time that works, 15 or 20 minutes preferably, if you have less, just devote your full attention to it.

Begin; just let yourself write and write, unedited, free flow. See what jogs your memory and spurs more insights. Allow your intuitive juices to flow. Bring all your senses in, “the overall energy felt like____ the kitchen smelled like___ I felt strong when I ____he looked irritated/happy when____ the dog with piercing green eyes reminded me of _______”. Be creative, let it flow and see what comes. You may just be pleasantly surprised. And, further insights may roll in throughout the day.

I can’t remember a time I did this practice, that I didn’t get more ahas, fresh new insights and gain in understanding about a seemingly insignificant dream I thought I just had. We have a tendency to categorize and say to ourselves “this wasn’t important, so I won’t bother looking at it”. Yet, so many of those that appear unimportant, hold a precious nugget and profound wisdom message. It’s fun, enlightening and reaffirms the help that’s always here, urging us on, helping us in our life. Listen. Pay attention. Trust yourself and your insights.

And, if you set an intention or ask a question before going to sleep like Dear God/Spirit/Universe what can I do to feel better… in health, relationships and career etc…be prepared to discover clues that are for you and your highest good.

I’d love to hear how some of you get on with this. So, please share any of your discoveries, dreams, insights and comments. Have fun and IN-JOY!!

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