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                   Mirabai Cardullo                            

Soul Centered Healing and Intuition

Grief - What about it?

Grief...what about it? Isn't it true we all grieve? For one reason or another, we've all been there. Loss affects us all. Loss of health, loss of career, loss of a deep friendship or love relationship, loss of an idea we've held dear.. It's part of the fabric of our lives.

There are times though, with a loss that cuts deep, you feel you may not survive...when you question all that matters (or that matters little) pertaining to this worldly existence, on this planet. Where hope and heart is shattered and deep is the well that you're plunged into.

I've been there, more than once or twice. If you are going through anything like that and can't imagine how you'll ever rise again, I want to say with all my heart "hold on, don't let go of that strand of hope" will NEVER let you will, little by little, rise again...never give up! And, reach out!!! Reach out to a compassionate friend, healer, counselor. Let yourself be held with their tender care. Reaching out is reaching in, for your strength, peace and truth.


Being alone in our despair or grief, and trying to claw our way up from a well so deep and indescribable, is well... a daunting task.

One that only the most courageous are up for.. the warriors, who plant their feet on the ground, steady themselves and fight.

Fight for Truth, Fight for meaning, Fight for redemption, Fight for Honor....

To honor those who they grieve, and the one left to mourn the loss.

We are warriors. We have lost, we have found, and we have uncovered that part of Life no one dare speak....

The Void...The Unending...Infinity....Love.

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