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                   Mirabai Cardullo                            

Soul Centered Healing and Intuition

Guided Visualization and Relaxation

Deep Relaxation and Visualization are not just 'no big deals' "yeah, I know how to do that", "it doesn't work" "it's just wasting time, fluff stuff"... deep relaxation (however we practice) is essential for our overall health and well-being. It is our natural's coming home to's not just fluff or no biggy...yet we do have to nurture our practice and make it grow...with conscious effort, awareness. We can be pretty forgetful ;) ...we need constant reminders, remembrance, bring us back to our hearts, back to our center, again and again.

When we're going through a lot, stressed, have full busy schedules or we are ailing, struggling and feel exhausted like there's no time for self-care in this's actually the perfect time to be practicing more is possible to do and it is beneficial. Whether you are bedridden or fully functioning..It doesn't have to require a lot of time and you may begin to love this precious time out so much that you extend and deepen your practice...whatever you do, make it your own...everyone is unique, let it creative


Here's a little something you may like to try:

Take a few nice deep healing breaths, in and out.

Close your eyes..


With the the light of your awareness, follow your breathing

Allow your body and mind to let go, more fully ...

Sink gently and deeply into quietness and peace..

Allow yourself to be filled with soothing waves of scintillating stillness..


Visualize yourself standing in a beautiful sparkling healing pool, pond or lake of clear seafoam blue water.

You are standing under a luscious waterfall that cascades over the rocks into the healing pool below...

You are standing open armed and receiving this soothing, lush healing water

The water is caressing and gliding over your body

You are being enveloped in healing waters

You are being purified by this soothing, healing and restorative energy that is deeply penetrating your being

You feel cleansed

You feel fully alive and deeply relaxed

Continue and allow the waters to wash away any and all remnants of worry, fear, doubt and/or any and all stagnant energy held within.

Just Let Go....

You are being purified from the inside out..

You are bathing in crystalline healing waters..


Take your time...


When you're ready

Step forward in this healing pool where the water is calmer

Rest on your back

Allow yourself to be gently buoyed up and held by your angel(s).

They will appear

This can be an angelic figure, a guide, helper of some sort, family member, friend, animal etc...on this side or the next..

Let yourself fully relax in the arms of your angel, as you float ever so gently, with their loving support, in these healing waters

Perhaps you are being dipped, up and down, ever so softly, by your beads of water roll off your body, as you are lifted up, again and again..

You are resting in Love, resting in Light

You are weightless, timeless and basking in the Light of your own Self..


Now, simply listen..

Listen to the scintillating stillness speak

Notice what emerges from silence

Take your time here

You may hear in the form of speaking or felt words, insights, symbols or visions that speak directly to your soul..

Drink it in...

Let yourself by guided and informed by the moment..

Take in fully the divine healing you are receiving...

And the messages here for you...


Rest, Rinse and Repeat as needed

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