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                   Mirabai Cardullo                            

Soul Centered Healing and Intuition

Interrupting old patterns; rewire, renew and refresh

Simple daily choices...interrupting old patterns; rewiring, renewing and refreshing our course, daily.

There's much intensity energetically up with clients, friends and many of us right now...a lot happening...feeling into what's ours, what's not ours and how to balance and navigate our own energetic experience is critical.

We are responsible for our own energy...clearing, detoxing, releasing is so doesn't have to be big...little steps, every day...little by little...

Here's what I did today to shift some heaviness I've been feeling recently, interrupting an old pattern of heavy heartedness and reconnecting to a lighter texture and more flow.

Texted a friend, she came over, we talked for a little bit, no judgement, just held space, played a game, took a walk and reset.

Sounds like no big deal yet if we have our minds made up, we're tired, overwhelmed, want to do nothing but go internal...reaching out for 'good company' is a simple way to embrace the moment with greater ease.

Honor your process, honor your energy and 'let the joy flow''s always present, ready to be tapped...xo

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