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                   Mirabai Cardullo                            

Soul Centered Healing and Intuition

A forced pause, our moment to remember

"Forced pause' as an opportunity to set our minds right...

When we have a forced pause in something important to us, pressing on us, frightening us, or for whatever reason and we want to get to the bottom of it NOW e.g. a medical situation or procedure, a meeting, a next step in our path that is delayed, or whatever the delay may be that's up for us....those delays are very often a golden opportunity to set, or rather reset, our minds in the right direction.

The longer the pause, the greater the opportunity...

If, in these moments/times of forced pause, we're overly stressed, frustrated, scared, angry or whatever because things aren't happening as fast as we want, or we're just scared or angry, and/or we want answers; our mindset/body/energy isn't aligned, in harmony with and conducive for supporting the smooth, positive journey and outcome we are seeking.

It's not our fault, we aren't bad and we haven't done anything wrong. We can however begin to do the conscious work of gently guiding the mind, using our power of our heart, intention and imagination to light the way for higher healing...we then work 'with ourselves' rather than fighting against ourselves.

I see this gift/'opportunity' come up for myself, and so many of us, which is to 'nurture and raise' our mental/emotional experience, 'our vision for ourselves' and to let go and let God (faith and trust)...again and again.

When the call is heeded, and we do the inner work, these things we struggle with very often work out much better than anticipated...

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