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                   Mirabai Cardullo                            

Soul Centered Healing and Intuition

Deeper reflection and release of the old...

I hope this month of June is carrying you to greater heights, inwardly and beyond. Have you noticed the energies of late, calling for deeper reflection and the release of old wounds, patterns and beliefs? There is an element of destruction and excavation happening on many levels. We all share this opportunity to free up energy and take the next steps in our lives with greater clarity, wisdom and grace, as we uproot the old stories of the past and write new ones filled with greater hope, possibility, and freedom. When going through times like these, you might notice a reactive tendency to squirm, become fearful, anxious and fall prey to old thought patterns and behavior. This is normal AND we can change the trajectory of these tendencies at any time. This is an opportunity, a gift (if we can perceive it so) to stop, listen, and transform old stories and self-defeating patterns into arising golden nuggets of truth, wisdom, and clarity. Over the past few weeks, a quote has been playing in my being by one of my all time favorite mystic poets, Rumi. He says:

Let the waters settle and you will see the moon and the stars mirrored in your own being. ~ Rumi

I am always renewed by the timelessness of his wisdom. His words bring me back to the essence from which they emerge: the Truth of Being. That which has no beginning or no end...the timeless Self. This month, take some time out to honor your true energy. By simply remembering ourselves as Rumi suggests, we have an opportunity to completely reshape our future, just by stopping! Stopping, with awareness, leads to starting anew again...fresh, open and re-inspired.

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