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                   Mirabai Cardullo                            

Soul Centered Healing and Intuition

Grief and Compassion

As I write this tonight, not knowing what will come out, I know my intention...I want to share about is 10 mos. since my father passed (I'm missing him tonight) and in 2 weeks it will be 5 years since my husband passed...2 of the most important men in my life, ever.

Yes, it's still hard, at times...Yes, I still talk with them....Yes, they are my guides, angels, helpers and dear loved ones that I still feel deeply and who continue to root me on and comfort me just in the simple remembrance of them..

Today I listened to 5 or 6 vm messages I had saved on my phone...they were from my dad...they were hilarious, sweet, heartwarming and made me smile from ear to ear, yet there was one in particular that pierced right into the heart cave.

Here's the thing....grief is hard, it's cuts deep and it opens us, to a realm that we couldn't possibly know otherwise.

It's been nearly 5 years since my husband passed but to begin to share here 'where it's taken me' and 'what it's taken' to rebuild my life up to this point would be impossible...It has been a very long and difficult journey in many ways. And yes, I've come a very long way. I laugh a lot now...I didn't for years.

What I want to communicate here is this....'anything' worthwhile takes time, patience, faith and one small step at a's as simple as that. We just can't bypass what is part of the juice, the real, the love. If we want to change our life, or if we are forced to change our life, either takes takes heaps of courage, commitment, patience, forbearance, faith, trust, hope and compassion. Compassion number 1!!!

Compassion is the number 1 healing ingredient for our healing journey...on every level: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually...without Compassion there really is no real life to speak of...It is truly heavenly nectar...other worldly...and is real...deeply felt...true...lasting...and a divine healing balm...

"Compassion is more important to healing than anything else. We must strive to have more compassion for ourselves and others in order to live a healthy, free, and peaceful life. It’s that vital" Medical Medium

Let's be gentle with ourselves..we all have setbacks, trouble getting back on track when we feel wobbly and unsure but it's a delicious, mysterious, colorful journey we are on and the depth of the darkness we have traveled is the depth of compassion we can share and offer to ourselves and others.

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