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Soul Centered Healing and Intuition

Anthony William, Medical Medium

I want to write about a very special healer, Anthony William Medical Medium. Many of you are familiar with him and his work. Many are followers and apply his teachings in your life. Some of you don't know much about him but have heard the name Medical Medium or someone talk about the healing benefits of celery juice or heavy metal detox smoothies... ;)

The reason I'm writing today though, is below in my last post, I had written and mentioned about the 2 most important men in my life. Well...there is another who has made an indelible impression in my heart and life and I feel it is important to express why. His name is Anthony William, Medical Medium.

While I don't spend time talking with Anthony in my daily life the same way I used to (and yes, admittedly at times, I do miss speaking with him), as his client and friend, he was and has been a pivotal man/soul/healer/companion/guide/ compassionate soul friend/healer in my life, without question and I am eternally grateful I was divinely led to him at a critical time in my life, worked with him very closely and his beautiful assistant Laura (she must be mentioned and honored as well, I love her) and learned so much personally from him.

What was the most amazing teaching I received from Anthony...other than the vast amounts of information he shared with me just by being who he is, whatever I asked, whatever I was going through and believe me it WAS beyond the beyond, whatever I needed, he was there...his day to day instruction, deeply felt concern during my intense health challenges along with his deep concern and care during, with and through my husbands final stages....(And of course he is still here, still supporting, still giving every last breath to help all of us, everyone, every day with his advanced information, deep insight, compassion and love).

So what was the most amazing teaching I received from Anthony....

Compassion, Compassion, Compassion.

Compassion is what was felt before I ever picked up the first phone call from him, from start to finish on that pivotal call and auspicious day, and throughout and every single step of the way of so much of the hardest parts of my journey here.

Would I have been able to survive the loss of my husband as I was just beginning to come through the most debilitating times in my own health and life?

I think not...

And, after my husband took such enormous care of me, intensely for 2 years....and then being given the shocking news that we were about to embark on yet another difficult and extraordinary journey...the last stage of my husband's life?

I am certain, not.

There is no way to describe here where I was physically/emotionally for the first 2 years, living in a debilitating hell I couldn't begin to describe, to then being faced with the devastating news and reality of my husbands current state at that time and how little time he/we had left.

Yes, I had the deep privilege to nurse and care for my husband in the end (as he had done so full on and lovingly and committed with me, he truly was my hero) and my being 'able' at that time, to be there for him fully, in his last stages, and of his holy/wholly transition...yes, I am profoundly grateful for at least that.

That I could offer to my dear one during that time is also due to the loving support from Anthony, the compassionate support of Anthony's guidance during the emergencies, Anthony calling me every single day, as he knew I was in shock and handling so much so fast....and the aftermath of it all....

Yes, I was leveled.

But throughout all of it and while Anthony was immersed in writing his first book, he did not let me go...he knew, I believe, if he did, I would not be here today. And, he did what he does, and has his whole life, every day, he saved my life.

Here's the thing....I'm honoring Anthony here because if it were not for him, his compassion and continued care during that time, I would have left right along with Chris..I'm sure of it.

And, I haven't even spoke of how close I was to ending it on more than 1 occasion during the continued hell and traumatic experiences I endured prior, with my health, the utter hell I was in and, Yes...Anthony was there throughout that entire, devastating and dark journey and the next one, with Chris.

I didn't, leave. I'm here. I've come a very, very long way. I'm grateful. I'm filled with deep gratitude to Anthony William, Medical Medium for all he is and has been for 'this one'...this one who clearly needed a master healer, powerful, loving and compassionate healer. One that took my hand, helped me navigate in the darkest of hours, again and again and again, and stayed with me through those darkest of days.

Thank you Anthony, I love you with all my heart and soul. I will always be grateful for you and to you for never giving up on me.

Being one myself, who is clearly here to support others on their journey, I know one thing for sure, there is no-thing more important than Compassion. It is my own deep experience, it is what's real, it is transformational, and it's why I'm here.

Thank you Anthony, I love you <3

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