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                   Mirabai Cardullo                            

Soul Centered Healing and Intuition

Soul Notes for April

Hello, Friends~ It's been a long while since I've last written. So much has taken place. The world has changed. How about you ~ have you changed? We have a rare opportunity to reach deeper within ourselves, clean the cobwebs and reset our hearts, minds and intentions. We are weaving a new dream. Right now, consciously or unconsciously, we are a weaving into existence a new world. We can allow the emergence of something even greater than before and at the same time we must consciously plug into the LIGHT that is the source of our strength and guidance. Then look with renewed vision what we as individuals can offer to best support the awesome 'opportunity' at hand. By diving deeper into our own consciousness, our own inner Self...something new and fresh, inspired by the soul and the depths of contemplation, wisdom and grace can emerge out the darkness. Something real...something to live by and carry us forward with greater confidence and strength. While we are gathering and re-collecting the pearls within our own being and helping others in whatever we can as individuals, be sure to take hold of some helpful anchors that will wrap you in a blanket of peace and comfort. Here are a few ideas ~ Find those things that work for you of course. Be creative and find your own by feeling into the sensations or tickles of 'joy' you may experience ~ then, you'll know you are on the right path. 1. Write 2. Paint 3. Color or Draw 4. Sing or Chant 5. Dance 6. Walk or Stroll 7. Listen to the birds 8. Observe Nature 9. Garden 10. Cook 11. PLAY ~ alone or with a pet or kids 12. Laughter 13. Bring in some healing scents like Essential Oils or Flower Essences 14. Meditate 15. Gently repeat internally a word or phrase of comfort 16. BREATHE... (and know you are breathing...ahhh) 17. Yoga, Qigong or Ta Chi 18. Rinse (shower/bath) and repeat We're all here to remember who we truly are and to help others. You are the Light you are seeking - Turn it on <3 and give it away...we are always plugged into an Infinite Source ~ Universal Energy...go there and re-memeber to re-fuel.

With Love, Mirabai

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