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                   Mirabai Cardullo                            

Soul Centered Healing and Intuition

Tending to your garden...

Hello, Friends~ How are you keeping during these challenging times? In order to remain fresh and take care of ourselves and others, especially now, we need to come back to our hearts, back to our centers again and again. Keep tending to your garden. In these notes I will share some thoughts of a recent client journey. "Tending to Your Garden" Isn't that a great metaphor we use when it comes to taking care of our inner life, our inner landscape, our minds, our subconscious minds and our hearts? Recently I had a client. We did a journey as we usually do but this time he ended up in a lush garden, where the soil was deeply felt and the fragrance of that and the aromatic herbs, fresh fruits and vegetation were palpable. Something struck me about this seemingly simple yet rich journey and his part in it. I had asked him if he would like to get his hands in the soil and touch the herbs and he said "no, that he was simply tending to the garden". He was simply observing. He was simply observing. This is a powerful spiritual practice. In this period of observation, new leaves begin to sprout in the form of understanding, guidance and wisdom. Small subtle shifts, realizations and truths are expounded when we literally get out of the way and allow "nature" to take it's course without tampering with it. We are so impatient with ourselves and life. We add on expectations that may not even truly align with our greater purpose and highest interest, yet we continue to fiddle with things just enough to make them unrecognizable to us. Or rather, the Truth becomes unrecognizable when we are thick in the mud splashing about. Not that there's anything inherently wrong with mud; in fact, much is right and can be born from it ~ like a beautiful lotus flower. Still, our way is often unnatural ~ tampering with the nature of things. To make the most of tending to your garden...remember to simply take time to observe what is. Allow that spaciousness to inform, guide and inspire you. Remember you are just the grounds keeper tending to your garden. Give it Space Give it Light Give it Water Give it Love Give it Attention In Light, Mirabai

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