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                   Mirabai Cardullo                            

Soul Centered Healing and Intuition

Take it to your Inner Temple

Hello Friends~

Have you been nurturing your inner world? Just like there's work to be done in the outside world, similarly our inner world needs focused dedication and care just as pressingly.

I wanted to write today about bringing “it” to your Inner Temple. Whatever “it” is. The 'it' could be to lay down some stress, anxiety or fear, or an ongoing thought or concern, or an old pattern/behavior you're ready to release. Whatever it is...let's take it to your “Inner Temple”.

Here's a simple, guided visualization for you to try out. You can allow your own experience to naturally unfold at any point as you journey deep within to your inner sanctuary. This is in 'all-ways' your journey, for you; therefore, follow what is natural for you. Make it your own.

Let this serve as an anchor as you continue to build deep trust and faith in your own Self. ~~~~~~~~~~~

Close your eyes

Take a few nice long deep breaths

Let your body relax completely

Just Let go...

Now, allow your breathing to gently come back to its natural rhythm

Turn your gaze inward Take your journey deep within

Imagine you are being led deep inside to the core-pristine center of the heart of your heart, your Inner Temple or Sanctuary.

Take your time here

Notice how you feel

Allow your journey to unfold very naturally

You don't need to force anything

This is your journey

There is no right or wrong

Just be patient


Let this space and your inner experience begin to reveal itself to you further

You may feel as if you are basking in or steeped in divine energy or bliss

This inner space contains deep ancient wisdom and everywhere it is palpable...

Your inner sanctuary contains the soul of your soul's guidance and it permeates, scintillates and resides here, within yourSelf.

Rest in this space...

You may sense or see the visible formation of this inner temple or sanctuary and begin to notice sacred objects adorning the inner walls of this space

An alter appears in front of you and you begin looking intently at it and the carefully placed objects residing there.

Perhaps you see a candle waiting to be lit or a picture of a beloved figure or a person in your life that has great meaning (perhaps you), maybe a simple bowl of fruit stands out with it's vibrant color and sweet fragrance or a fully bloomed flower making its debut.

Take in your experience fully

Just notice what reveals itself here...for you.

Take your seat


This is your inner sanctuary

A place you can all-ways come back to to reconnect with the deepest part of you.

***if you'd like to continue please do so or simply rest here

***listen to the silence speak

***there are pearls here

(If you choose to continue your exploration and visualization keep going)

You can call on (or notice the appearance of) any angels, guides, helpers (from this or the other side), animals, friends or family members that may be appearing here for you today.

This is your opportunity to work with your guides and helper(s).

Take this precious time to have an internal dialogue

You may want to share a deep concern and unburden your heart and/or listen to the wisdom they came to offer you today

Feel and sense the energy they bring and what they have to offer

Allow them to help you

Let yourself be held

Let yourself be held in Love...

Take your time here...

Allow for this deeply felt unfolding experience to fully nourish you...heart, spirit, mind/body and soul..

Now, thank yourself, your guides, helpers and any other beings for showing up today and being here with you

Finally, take note of any and all insights, guidance, wisdom or golden nuggets of truth that you want to remember and bring back with you

You might like to pick up an object here or allow your Angel or guide to offer you one for safe keeping and remembrance of this journey

Now, whenever you're ready

You can gently begin bringing yourself back to the room


Softly open your eyes..

***Take out your journal and jot down your journey, what you saw, felt and experienced and the 'wisdom messages' you received. It may seem small; however, those little nuggets of Light and Truth can be your guiding light, anchors and heartfelt messages for transformation when put to good use

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