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                   Mirabai Cardullo                            

Soul Centered Healing and Intuition

3 little words...

I walked back into the sanctuary, where I had just completed a crystal sound bath.

I forgot my mason jar with lemon water.

At that moment, I was invited to stay for a special healing that was about to occur.

There were only two women.

One of whom was going to be facilitating this initiation.

I could feel it.

I knew it was special.

I was vibrating even before it began.

She started to chant.

I am very familiar with chanting.

I chant daily.

This however was otherworldly

I was lifting off in the amazing sounds coming from the depth of her pipes that were amplified a thousand times by the acoustics in the sanctuary.

My inner being was reverberating with the messages conveyed in this prayerful plea.

It was a chant for healing.

A chant that went straight to the heavens that were carried by the depth of soul.

It was only five minutes.

It was a lifetime.

Silent, I left the sanctuary.

On the way out the door there was a glass bowl of chocolates covered in shiny red wrappers.

I couldn't resist.

I popped one in my purse and placed it on my car console when I got in.

Floating home, I sat on the couch when I arrived.

I spent hours in front of my altar in prayer.

From the depth, I was asking for help.

I was in a quandary.

My mother had been in hospice care for over a year.

There were many ups and downs.

I didn't know if this was the 'ripe time' for me to go see her (for many reasons).

I am in Florida, she was in California.

I cried.

I sobbed.

I begged.

I was split open.

I was heartbroken.

At that moment, I remembered the chocolate I put in my car.

It was a hot evening.

I knew it would melt.

I went out, retrieved the candy and came back inside.

I put it down.

Sitting in front of my altar I unwittingly unwrapped it.

I could only remain in silent awe when I saw three little words written on the inside of the chocolate shiny red candy wrapper that I had retrieved after my said:


I did.


We reunited.

I cried.

She cried.

We held each other.

A full embrace with what felt like the most special of special moments ever.

She was present.

The curtain had temporarily parted.

I had my time.

She had hers.

The day came when I was to leave.

It was unbearable.

She looked straight in and said, "no'll be back".

I was.

She wasn't.

It was Mother's Day.

My last day that time around.

She suddenly 'woke up'.

Daylight was present in her consciousness.

She knew who she was.

She knew who I was and exactly what we were doing.

We were love.


She kissed the flowers I had for her.

She kissed my hands and face.

She thanked me for loving her.

She was my mother.

That was our last day together, in form.

She remains...unconstrained.


We are still love.



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