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                   Mirabai Cardullo                            

Soul Centered Healing and Intuition

Happy Valentine's Day... Dad

His eyes locked in to mine

peering deep into my soul

the soul of my heart

I felt him scanning inside

searching to understand

to make it right

His words potent and to the point

coming towards me 

with the care of a gentle man

"why are you hiding Laur (my nickname)"

"I don't understand"

"why are you hiding"

A pause


I sat motionless for what seemed like an hour in a moment

His hand

His familiar hand

the one I had watched closely and admired as a child

now approaching my aged face

softly removing the hair hanging in front of it

he stroked my cheek ever so gently

with words that touched a place in my heart I thought may never be located from another

especially him...the original man, my dad.

"You're so beautiful" he said with resonance and depth like that of a masterpiece

"You're so beautiful honey" as his fingers delicately touching my cheek 

now felt like feathers on my heart wall 

dusting off old crusted debris.. 

years of long held ideas of myself were now melting away 

leaving only a pool of purity in its place

He sees me

He sees all of me

He loves me

I am deeply loved

In the hands of a mans words 

carried on the wings of love and compassion, heaven sent

Grace had struck

In that moment my heart was changed forever

I was healed

With a few simple words and the touch of his compassionate hand

my heart was given a golden bath

I was renewed

Now resting on a golden pond 

My heart beating softly 

with wordless words and its vibrating sound

bubbling up from within...

Thank you

Thank you 

Thank you...Daddy


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