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                   Mirabai Cardullo                            

Soul Centered Healing and Intuition


Greetings friends~

I hope you're continuing to nourish within you all of your heart's longings and treasures.

I've been wanting to write (all last year) about my mom.  I couldn't.  I didn't have it in me or rather it was in me, I just wasn't ready to go there with pen and paper.

I did however scribble something down several months before my mom died.  I never looked at it again.  As I was cleaning out my calendar from last year I came upon my notes.  This is what they said...

It's written from the perspective of my mom with advanced dementia, a soul, a witness.


Peering out from behind the curtain

sunlight kisses my face.

I recognize the air, the scent, the perfume of Love felt.

Darkness came like a shot.

Behind the veil...unease, noise, confusion, hell...

followed by mystical journey's only I can feel but not communicate.

Oh, how I long for Love met in clarity.

I cherish our brief time, our now precious seconds that bring me back to the doorstep of time.

I am fading into oneness in a most peculiar way...

especially to those who I've apparently left behind.

I understand now

We are not lost souls

We are only ourselves.

I remember in this moment as the sunlight kisses my face..

I have a name ~ LaVerne

My name is LaVerne.

I was a wife, a mother and a decent golfer who loved her family and friends.

I'm going home now, however slowly, to my original form.

And as I do I want to say...

Thank you, Thank you...for loving me.


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