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                   Mirabai Cardullo                            

Soul Centered Healing and Intuition

Pick one thing and go twice as deep ~ Part II

Hello Friends,

I wanted to expand on my last Soul Notes. It seemed fitting to continue to go deeper here with you.

Right before I sent out that last newsletter I realized I had also been doing a particular guided meditation that had been talking in the beginning about the hundreds of millions of air sacs in our lungs that are bunched together like tiny little grapes. Just that image alone is so immensely striking isn't it? Aren't our bodies awesome? There are worlds within us undiscovered.

If you recall, one of the things I spoke about in my last Soul Notes was grapes.

Anthony William, Medical Medium spoke of grapes in part by saying "grapes are bunched together. As each cluster grows on the vine, the little globes stay close to each other, connecting on both a physical and metaphysical level. Each grape adjusts to fit perfectly into place with those around it. Focus on this wonder when you select and eat grapes".

I began to take this information that presented of hundreds of millions of tiny little air sacs like grapes bunched together in our lungs to a new level since I had been eating more grapes and contemplating that more deeply for myself.

As I noticed the new levels of insight coming my way and the correlations it was making for me, I wanted to delve deeper. I began to contemplate this wonder. Just remaining aware of what information wants to come through or is presenting and then going twice as deep is a very powerful practice.

Not everyone will follow the same line of going deeper...I'm sure just reading this you have your own interpretations but it's important when we are delving deeper into something for ourselves that we "make it our own". Listening, trusting and following our own intuition is paramount.

The first thing that began to percolate inside myself was an emotional connection of grief, my lungs and capacity. How am I taking in life? I started seeing all those tiny little globes within and simultaneously wanting to fuel them with pure oxygen, with vibrant life.

In Louise Hay's book 'Heal Your Body' she says Lungs represent the ability to take in life. Her affirmation for this is: I take in life in perfect balance. For Lung Problems she suggests this correlation: Depression. Grief. Fear of taking in life. Not feeling worthy of living life fully. Her affirmation for this is: I have the capacity to take in the fullness of life. I lovingly live life to the fullest.

Anthony William, Medical Medium also writes in his book 'Life Changing Foods' under the emotional support "Grapes help when you're feeling emotionally broken, lifting your spirits and encouraging a jovial, lighthearted outlook on life". He also writes of symptoms "If you have any of the following symptoms try bringing grapes into your life: Food allergies, palm sweats, emotional eating, dizziness, nausea, Bells palsy, shortness of breath, hearing loss, tremors, body odor, chest pain, PMS symptoms, confusion, brain fog, cough, backache, inflammation, myelin nerve damage, scar tissue in liver, blood toxicity, fatigue, brain lesions, hot flashes, hair loss, congestion, brittle nails, blurry eyes, ringing or buzzing in the ears, food allergies, food sensitivities, sensations of humming or vibration in the body.

I continue to be more conscious of the way I am taking in my breath throughout the day and particularly when I'm sitting for practice...feeling/seeing and repeating internally: breathing in I am filling those hundreds of millions of tiny little air sacs with fresh pristine oxygen, breathing out I am letting go completely. And, breathing in again, filling each air sac in my mind's eye and releasing that air completely.

This simple act is enough to take us deeper inside, as well as fill us with light. We are making space within, fortifying our lungs, along with our body, mind, heart, spirit and soul. Giving ourselves this internal care is extremely potent.

Once again, I am simply focusing on one thing and going deeper. In this case, it began with grapes. I could write so much more about the other correlations that have come through but because I was particularly struck by the lungs image that is where my current focus remains. As we connect these dots it connects us to the whole and takes us on our own unique journey.

As Rumi says, “You are not just a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.”


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