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Soul Centered Healing and Intuition

Soul Notes for November 2021 ~ Go twice as deep

Hello Friends, Go Twice as Deep! This was a message I received awhile back when I asked a question and remained open to receive the answer. I think of this often and today wanted to write about picking one thing and going twice as deep! One fruit, One herb, one spiritual practice, one soul healing meditation, one word or one thought. This simple act can split open the hard crust of stagnation around our heart, keep us grounded in the present, connect us to the grace in our lives and propel us with faith moving forward. Keep it simple and go twice as deep. Often, without realizing it, we only skim the surface of a practice in our lives. Whether it be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. It could be as simple as that piece of fruit we are consuming. We may not recognize the true value of that precious fruit, it's healing properties, it's emotional and spiritual meaning, where it came from or the care placed into harvesting the fruit and so on. Speaking of latest craving when it comes to fruit happens to be red grapes. I have for the past months been really craving and enjoying this fruit. I have not only thoroughly enjoyed the sweet burst of juice, texture and flavor of grapes - I also looked up once again @Medical Medium's definition, given to him by Spirit, in his book "Life Changing Foods" where he provides the physical, emotional and spiritual significance of grapes. Here's just a sample of the Emotional Support and Spiritual Lesson grapes provide: Emotional Support "Grapes help you when you feel emotionally broken, lifting your spirits and encouraging a jovial, lighthearted outlook on life. They can prevent you from becoming wounded if you're ever falsely accused of a misdeed and promote healing when you feel excluded in social situations. If you ever feel disappointed that you weren't choses for a certain project or job, go out and buy some grapes - they can help you forge ahead and create new opportunities and if you're someone who's reluctant about change, passing up opportunities and later regretting it, embrace grapes in your diet and feel the transformation as you're able to be braver and take advantage of the special moments life presents. Finally, offer grapes to friends and family members who seem aloof, adrift, or complacent, over time, this fruit can help alter their direction and improve their behavior" Spiritual Lesson "When you feel isolated - living your life with little interaction or coping with shyness and yet yearning for a sense of belonging with a group that accepts you - make grapes a part of your life. Remember, grapes are bunched together. As each cluster grows on the vine, the little globes stay close to each other, connecting on both a physical and metaphysical level. Each grape adjusts to fit perfectly into place with those around it. Focus on this wonder when you select and eat grapes. It will create a sacred intention, prepare you consciously and subconsciously to find your people, and point you toward your true home" I find these truths and support of Medical Medium and Spirit's information deeply comforting. It truly goes down well inside. Anthony has talked about the importance of knowing 'why' you're doing a practice. This adds a whole other dimension to our practice to hold this Awareness...when we know why we are doing it (whatever that is) we enliven it, it comes alive for us and offers us a deeper level of support. We engage with our practice and this unfolds renewed hope, clarity and inner strength. Over the past several weeks I've also incorporated (once again) a particular soul healing meditation along with my other daily spiritual practices. It is Anthony William, Medical Medium's Moon Meditation. I have been doing this one 'simple yet extremely powerful' meditation at night just before bed. Here's what Anthony says about the benefits of this Moon Meditation given to him by Spirit. "This guided Moon Meditation will connect you with the moon's powerful ability to heal your soul. It's not easy when you feel misunderstood, betrayed, wronged, ignored, insecure, or less than. It's not easy when it feels like anxiety is getting the best of you, depression is ruling your life, or you feel disconnected from the world because of hurt you have experienced. When you need help that is not from this world, you can use the moon as a sanctuary from worldly troubles. This moon meditation helps pull out the poison of hurt in your body that is hindering you. In this meditation, you will be put back in touch with your essence, realigned, and rewired. When you apply the right tools, freedom is in your hands and you can rise out of the ashes. Please do not perform this meditation while driving or operating machinery". Here is a link to the moon meditation. If it speaks to you, I encourage you to give it a go.... or It's important to give our practices time and attention. Be with them. They are truly divine medicine. Each time you do so, you may hear something new that deepens your experience or you may feel something new, during and after your session. You may begin to feel lighter and more renewed on a soul level and notice this practice loosening the grip of old burdens long held. If you can't see the moon, don't worry! You don't have to see the moon to do this meditation. Visualize the moon. It's that simple. Relax. Go within and connect with this powerful meditation. If this isn't your one thing ;) Pick something and go twice as deep!


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