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                   Mirabai Cardullo                            

Soul Centered Healing and Intuition

Soul Notes ~ February 2021

Hello Friends, It has been some months since I've last written. I've missed corresponding with you all in this way! Thank you to those of you who have reached out and let me know you appreciate these communications. Much has taken place in our world collectively. Our own inner worlds and personal spiritual journeys are shifting. I feel very blessed to be working together with some of you during these times of great change in our lives. I wanted to write about the power of friendship or as I like to refer to it at times "friend-ships"! Don't they feel like ships that help carry us through (most especially) at those critical times in our lives? How does your heart feel when you hear the word friendship? Does it feel light and a cool gentle breeze moving through you? Does your heart feel heavy with grief/sadness? Do you feel a void of truly close friends in your life? Or are you in gratitude for the wonderful souls in your life that are your friends? Where are you in terms of connecting with your friends, deepening those friendships and/or making new friends? During these extraordinary times we are currently moving through in our lives, our friends are truly an anchor, a deepening, a light-filled joy, a belly laugh, a gentle place to rest, a refreshing lake and a special loved one with which we can give our attention, love, compassion and blessings. Some people seem to attract friends from all corners, like bees to honey. Others, like myself, have always had a few really close friends and other lovely acquaintances. Recently, 5 months ago, I lost my dearest friend in Gainesville Fl where I live. We were two of a kind. Very different in some ways yet connected at heart. Deeply bonded on a soul level we fit together like soup and crackers. She was a tiny thing but no tiny spirit. She was a humble firecracker ;) with a big heart, big strength and lots of determination. Triveni was a special soul. A warrior spirit and devoted lover of God. She endured much in these last 15 years with 5 cancers and all that went along with that. She carried on and longed to create art and space for others to do the same. She wanted to create a center where people could come who are going through similar challenges and connect, work, create art and community. Triveni loved an adventure and she is now continuing that adventure in her new form (formless). I miss her. I love her. I feel her. I see her. I dream of her. And, I continue my own unique adventure with yet another angel by my side. I haven't written because I've needed time. Time to heal. Time to digest. 3 of my most dearest of the dear in these last few years (my beloved husband, my wise sage and loving Dad and my dear Triveni) are all keeping me close with continued visitations in meditation, dreams and winks from the universe and nature. I feel very close to the angels. As you all know by now, I'm a sensitive empath. I work with sensitive critters (as I was lovingly called many years ago by Anthony William, Medical Medium) and love working with sensitive souls navigating this energetic experience. Your sensitivity is deeply beautiful. It is not a weakness. It is your greatest strength and gift. Allow yourself to glisten with the wisdom of your experience. My thoughts turn to Rumi.....

Don’t turn your head. Keep looking at the bandaged place. That’s where the Light enters you.


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