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                   Mirabai Cardullo                            

Soul Centered Healing and Intuition

Word for the Day ~ Contemplation and Reflection

Hello Friends, Purity ~ I have been wanting to write about "Purity" for awhile now. I'm not sure what will come from this as I have been sitting with the word for sometime...contemplating it in my own life and how it applies to me currently. You see, I have a contemplative card set. Each card has a single word written on it. One is in English and just above it each word is also written in Sanskrit. I randomly pick a new word each day and that is my word for contemplation for the day. Many of you may remember I've often written, in the past, about my "Word for the Day" and expanded on it. Well today I'm writing about "Purity". As I said, I choose one card each day. Over the past some months, I have what seems (?) like fifty percent of the time, turned over the card with the word Purity written on it. It has been striking. I feel there is a 'clear message' that wants to be seen, heard, felt and applied. My first response when I see the word Purity come up is one of tenderness in my heart. A deep feeling. A remembrance of the Purity of my own heart. I feel it. I remember it. I feel deeply at-one with and connected to That. That is real. That is Truth. That is Pure. I am That. The next thing that arises is all of the ways in which purification is needed in this one ;) in order to retain the purity of the heart or conversely to unearth, uncover and refresh The Purity of the Heart. The next thing that comes up is what Anthony William, Medical Medium writes in his book: "Medical Medium - Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal". He writes in his Chapter on Essential Angels to reach out and call on them for support and help. One of those is the Angel of Purity. He writes: "When you want to rid yourself of an addiction, this Angel can help you break free from the poisonous chains of habit. She can also help you break addictive thoughts. Use the Angel of Purity to help navigate or disarm temptations in any realm of your life. Perhaps that's the temptation to stay up past your bedtime, the temptation to prove to someone how right you are, the temptation to continue with an argument that could have subsided otherwise, or the temptation to overthrow your body's natural abilities by pushing it too hard with your desires to accomplish physical goals." Just these three thoughts, reflections and contemplations I've mentioned on the word Purity give me much to work 'with and toward' in an effort to better realize, assimilate and put to practice the precious power of purity in my own life....I can then choose to use the various practices like self reflection, remembrance, prayer, cleansing of body, mind, heart, spirit and soul, meditation, contemplation and surrender. In these ways, I can re-member and engage with purity. I am deeply grateful for this past year and all the 'teachings and learnings' that have strengthened and enriched my souls journey. It has been a deeply challenging year for so many of us here on this planet and now here we are in a new cycle. A New Year. We must continue to cultivate the practice of extracting or finding the gem(s) in the midst of whatever crises, heartbreak or other challenges that may arise in our lives personally and collectively. There is all-ways Light on our path. It's our responsibility to connect with and allow that Light to guide our lives. It is the Truth and it is Pure. Light is Purity. Purity arises from Light. We are Light. Purity is a reflection, a pulsation of Love and Light. Re-member Purity. Re-member your own heart. With Love, Mirabai

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