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Mirabai Cardullo


Soul Centered Healing & Intuition


Welcome to my site.  I'm so glad you're here. Take a look around. I would love the opportunity to help you take the next step in living a fuller, happier, more joy-filled life and restore your own innate ability to heal.


If you're going through pain, trauma, intense fear, anxiety, hopelessnes, loss, grief, chronic illness, loss of mobility, livelihood, depression, lack of trust, isolation and more...I understand. I've been there.


I'm here to tell you, never give up.  You're not alone!  You have everything you need within yourself to move forward and heal.  


I've turned my health and life from one of being bedridden, traumatized and hopeless to enjoying healing nature walks, traveling, quality time with friends, good healthy food and living life again. My overall health has improved immeasurably and I'm stronger on every level.


When you truly embrace your unique path and being, with awareness and a firm resolve, your life, health, relationships and purpose are taken to a whole new level and you are free to live the quality of life of your dreams.  


I am here to help, to gently guide and support you back to greater health and wholeness. I've received so much, it's my deep desire and purpose to share those blessings with you.





I am deeply grateful to have been led to and work closely with Anthony William, Medical Medium during a long period of difficult health challenges as well as facing the loss of my husband.


From his expert advice on healing foods, herbs and supplementation, to his stand alone knowledge into the body system, blended with a warm caring heart, geniune compassion and love, I was able to make the changes necessary to recover my health and life.  Anthony's been more than a mentor, he's been a true friend. 









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